The Four Seasons

Elisha DonkohMay 16, 2023


The trees are blooming with many blossoms of color you can see, red, blue, pink, violet and many beautiful colors, I think you would agree. The smooth, green grass, covered in the enchanted flowers, just standing there quietly for many hours. Oh, how I wish spring would go on forever, ever, and ever but it will eventually end whatsoever.


The earth is warm, the sun is smiling before us, the bees are buzzing freely, sometimes stinging you, so very cheeky. It’s a time when you would grab an ice cream with extra toppings that would be extreme! Now the summer has ended, autumn has arrived.


The leaves are yellow, orange, and brown, falling lightly on the damp floor, all around. It’s a quiet time with rustling, chilly air. I would say cozy, believe me if you care. In the day and night, rain would shower down, like the clouds had a frown. Now autumn is over let us make a change over to winter.


Now winter is here let us bring in the cheer, for the moments we shared and for the ones who have cared. The ground is white while I am holding my hot mug tight, beside the fire on a chilly night, thanking God that I am here for Christmas is near!

Elisha Donkoh is a 12-year-old student based in the UK. In her free time she enjoys cooking, organizing, and writing poetry.