The Divine Vision

Tanmaya MurthyJanuary 2, 2013

Looking through God’s lenses
Seeing the tiniest suffering or relief
A silvery tear my cheek senses
Watery drops the outcome of joy and grief

Laughter of people together
Infinitely many joyful hearts
Sorrow, too, like rainy weather
Beholding each other’s corners and hidden parts

Mankind determined with big dreams
Praying to fulfill a good life
I can see them all, their frowns and beams
It’s crystal clear that His vision is far and wide

The experience of having the Lord’s vision
Indeed reformed my viewpoint in a great way
That it’s not only about me, my ambition
That He has to look after each day

It’s about everyone, every creature
Who’s being watched by the Almighty
He cares no less for Mother Nature
He cares for you, for me and removes anxiety

It seems as if his unbiased vision has no bound
Godly visualization enables me to see diversity
Truths of life, truths of humanity can be found
Faith in the healer shall remove adversity

Tanmaya Murthy is a vivacious teenager who lives in New Delhi, India. She lives with her parents and her younger brother who have always encouraged her to write. Her interests include reading novels based on thrillers and mysteries. She loves to play the guitar and is into creative writing with a zeal for poetry.