The Bubble Story

Leo DoughertyJune 1, 2021

Once upon a time, there was The Blower.

When the first tribe started, the splashes came.
The sound of the water dripping on the wood was delightful.
Then, the first bubble came. It popped quickly.
Then came the second batch. Its bubbles had longer lives than the first one.

Then The Blower’s potion ran out. It was time for a refill.
The second tribe was made. First came the splashes, the delightful splashes.

The first batch was made, but this wasn’t an ordinary batch. =
This batch had a reborn bubble. Then,
The Blower let go of it for the bubble’s second life to start.
But, in the next batch, there was a bubble that was special, unique.

It floated high above the skies, to be forever remembered.

The next tribe was normal.


Its first batch was the last one.
Two of its bubbles popped with wood, and one with glass.

The high bubble from the last tribe was sinking down. It popped.

Life will end, but life will never end.

Leo Miguel Dougherty lives in Normal, Illinois where he is in the 3rd grade at Glen Elementary School. Leo enjoys reading, writing, playing piano, and traveling.