The Beach

Matthew MadridJune 6, 2011

I am in Old Orchard Beach, cool water

at my toes. I am standing in the water. I swim farther,

with my cousin beside me.

I love coming to this beach, I love to body surf.

The sun is burning our skin while we are laughing.

But the laughing

dies as one tremendous wave

towers me and rushes upon me.

I am knocked down and I devour the water

accidentally. I land on shore and don’t swim farther

I gaze back at my cousin as his body performs a body surf.

I didn’t body surf,

the wave came to me

secretly while I was laughing.

I see a monstrous wave.

I gaze at the brownish, murky water

and I swim farther

out in to the water until I don’t want to go farther

because my cousin is way behind me.

My cousin catches up as the wave

rams us. This time I body surf

and I am swimming in the water

as the tide pushes me. We land on the shore laughing.

Matthew Madrid is a 13-year-old Canadian who lives in Yarmouth, Maine. He enjoys writing stories and reading adventure and fiction novels. He loves playing all sports but his passion is hockey