The Aftermath of Violence

Alonso Torres ParedonesMay 16, 2023

In the aftermath of violence
The wounds run deep and wide
Leaving people injured, and some never really heal.
Pain that cannot be recovered.
We can go to Violence and tell him to stop it.
Sometimes in violence, there may be a light of hope, for healing.
Trying to heal is as if it were a journey.
And sometimes when it comes to healing
it takes time.
What we need is kindness.
it will come to us.
It may seem long but trust it, it will come
and when it does our hearts will become strong.
May we stand together and tell everyone
“Violence is not the thing we want in this world”
and hope we create something to stop violence.
The thoughts in your mind
make it feel like it will never stop.
We do not know when it will stop
but it will soon.
And we can do it

Alonso Torres Paredones is a seventh grader in San Pablo, California. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his dog Maxx, playing baseball and soccer, and pursuing photography and art. He hopes to be an immigration lawyer, a vet, or a journalist when he grows up.