The Abyss Under the Bed

Haemaru ChungJune 12, 2017
Photograph by Vanita Sharma

Monsters writhed in the dark abyss
Groans and hisses faintly heard
The pocket dimension
To where objects vanished
A place of myth and legend
Each time the child peered
Darkness met his gaze
Daring him to venture further
He scrambled backwards
The void was never to be explored
He would not cross into the gloom

One day his blue ball slipped from his grasp
The child watched in dismay as it rolled
Into the inviting rectangle of obscurity
Unwilling to forego the precious gift
He clenched his small fists
Steeled himself
Eyes shut while perspiring
He reached into the abyss
His hand perceived outlines of
Action figures and Legos faded from memory
Swallowing, he slid his body into the abyss
He dared not continue
Alone and unaware
Heart beating faster

He thought to glance murky forms
In the corners of his eyes
But when he turned his head
There was no life
They are coming for me
His breath quickened
Instinct shrieked at him to run
Its warning reverberating in his mind
But his body did not obey
Pinned by needles of poisonous fear
That tightened with each second
Only dilated eyes shifted
From side to side in vain

No tentacles seized his arm
Nor did scales brush his fingers
Nor did a bestial roar deafen his ears
Enveloped by cool shadows
Silence dulled his pangs of uncertainty
As he clamped sweaty fingers around it
He felt the familiar smoothness of his ball
The needles retracted and
He pulled himself out from under the bed

The boy stood up and straightened
Smiling, he inspected his blue treasure
His imagination conquered

A violinist, writer, and athlete, Haemaru is currently a high school sophomore in New York City. He has received various prominent national and international writing awards, and his works have been published in many anthologies and magazines. In his free time, he enjoys soccer and Taekwondo.