Tales of the Indecisive

Maya MeshJuly 8, 2016

I cannot find my happiness?
I believe I misplaced it.
I’m sure I am sure, but then again I don’t know.

Well perhaps it’s in the trees
With the humming birds and the leaves.
Wait! I think I can see it,
Oh no, that was just a dream.

Supposedly it’s in music,
in the rhythmic sound of the drum,
In the thump, thump, thump of rain
Hitting the window of the car.

I believe, most of the time, that it’s in people,
But they are too busy looking for other things in themselves,
Like their seemingly endless imperfections.

Yes, that among other things possessing their minds.
Maybe I’m getting this whole happiness thing wrong?
Maybe it’s about what others do?

Yes, they probably stole my happiness.
But that doesn’t make sense either.
Why would do something so stupid like that?
Don’t they know only I can possess it?
I guess I forget that they are human.

Oh my! I think I found my happiness
Yes, I did, I was sitting on it.
Next time I’ll keep it securely locked in a box.
But then again, what if I lose the key?

I hear that they are easily misplaced.

Maya Mesh is 14 years old and currently attends Millennium High School in New York City. She loves writing poetry and also enjoys reading it.