Still, the Cup Steams

Sunwrita DastidarJune 18, 2014

Cosy and warm
A fire blazing
A cup steaming
Luxury unbound
Yet demands
More and more lives
Given to save
Ten thousand here
Twenty thousand there
One by one they drop
Still the cup steams
The fire blazes

Futile tears are shed
No meaning, no feeling
Just for show
While those who really cry
Are quiet, uncomplaining
Power and more power wanted
Victory and glory achieved
But the superficial shine fades
Into deeper, darker shades
For what is the price of power?
Of the victory and glory hard-won
Losing humanity
Wasting lives
A price too high for some
Meagre to the rest
Death and devastation all around
Pain and agony reign

Still, the cup steams
The fire blazes.

Born in Kolkata, May 1999, Sunwrita Dastidar studies in Class IX at the Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata, India. Creative writing is her passion and reading storybooks is her favorite pastime.