Start Your Own Garden

Adalynn KearJune 29, 2023

How you realize, that you are yourself, is when you look at old pictures and that’s all they are is just that: old pictures.
When you realize that, maybe I'll let my roots grow out, and I’ll go back
natrual. Maybe I will leave relationships that no longer serve me
maybe I will try that new activity.
Highschool is where you constantly evolve, making art every year. I hang it on the wall, and I say “this is me.” And I am proud of who I am.

That is courage. Leaving relationships no matter how terrifying it is. When you feel the blood rising in your throat, and you cannot breathe.
Because they were unloyal, because they were unkind. You then know you have courage.
Because the courage to leave is maybe the greatest thing of them all.
Rather than sitting back, like a dry sponge, be the opposite and become a sopping wet sponge.
Full of bliss, of opportunity. Of love.
Rather than going to someone else’s garden, and getting kicked out because you don’t physically possess enough flowers.
Start your own garden. Let people admire, but never let them take. Don’t let them take away our love, your strength, your courage.

Adalynn Kear is from Fort Worth Texas and is 17 years old. Adalynn does debate, poetry, track and youth group. She is ever so excited to be submitting and sharing her passion with you!