Special Atmosphere

Oryna BielikovaJanuary 24, 2021

Winter is my favorite season.
I'm not sure, but for some reason
I just enjoy the special atmosphere:
When I see a mighty deer,
In the shop or in the zoo,
In a market in a queue,
On the roof of a Christmas house
Where children wait for Santa Claus.

Making snowmen is always fun
When nobody competes, but gets number one.

I like watching snowflakes dancing around.
Some of them are like princesses, crowned . . .
The best thing in winter is a lot of snow
When you drown in it walking, what a cool show!
Adults and kids enjoy the New Year,
Exchange their presents with happiness shared.

Doing winter sports brings health and cheer,
Sadness and bad moods always disappear.
Skiing in the mountains or riding a sledge
We shouldn’t get upset even when we hit the hedge!

Oryna Bielikova is a ninth grader at Kyiv Language School. She lives in a flat with her mum and her favorite dog, Monika. When she has free time, she draws, does sports, reads books, and walks with her friends. She also likes dancing. cooking, taking photos, and singing.