Sounds of Silence

Sunwrita DastidarDecember 18, 2014

She had never known
Silence could be so loud.
As she saw people in long cloaks
Talking and working, hurried and busy
The scene of a commotion
And yet, she could hear nothing
An oppressing stillness blanketed everything
Suffocating, gasping for breath
The world dwindled in darkness
And a silence so loud, it could turn you deaf.

A crash had been the last thing
To reach her ears
And a voice calling her name
Then the silence had descended
With searing pain
Cutting off the world, killing her loved ones’ voices
Striving to tear apart all her bonds
She could see everyone around her
But she couldn’t be a part of them
That silence had blocked her ears
Had stolen her voice.

But even through that silence
There was a sound she heard
Soft at first, but persistent
Slowly growing louder
Until it screamed
Louder and louder yet
Screaming out her agony
Her heartburn
Then one day she realized
That the sound was of silence itself.
The sound of silence kept her alive
Kept her hoping
That one day the silence
Would be driven away
For she knew now
That silence couldn’t be without sound
Nor sound without silence
Silence could scream
While sound could keep quiet
That’s why silence was so loud
And sound so silent.

Sunwrita Dastidar was born in Kolkata, India, in May of 1999. She studies at the Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata. Creative writing is her passion and reading story books her favorite pastime.