Snowy Stars

Caleb EscalanteFebruary 29, 2024

Yes its quiet
Living in the snow
Watching the sky
It’s quite a show

When I breath its a silent fog I want to go hunting
But there's no hogs
No more
Hunting dogs

I look up
The stars are wonderful
The snow falling makes me happy and there are many
Emotions I can't control

The scene is so romantical
It makes me feel radical
I have loved the exotic snow from the start
It just fills a hole
In my heart

My eyes are like glue
Stuck to the view of the quiet snowy ebony like sky
Wishing I can touch all
But realizing its all too
High it really does
Make me wanna cry

It hits a minute
Past dawn
All the beauty
Is long gone
Hearing the people
Behind me sing
Many songs
It's a shame it’s gone

The shiny sun just ascended
For me it’s like the life around me has just ended.

Caleb Escalante is a 12-year-old writer from California.