Roller Coaster of Death

Josue YupitMarch 22, 2023

The roller coaster of death
Nowhere to run nor hide
All you can do is get on the ride
A long straight line

With a button for you to decide
Between life or death
There awaits your death
And awaits a death fest
Goes in circles like a bird's nest
Strapped with chains and ready to feel pain
All you can do is just lay
A drop as tall as a crane
And awaits your faith
A man waiting at the end with a snare
With a scary, scary stare
A big death fair
You can see clear
When the horror begins

1 . . . 2 . . . 3 as fast as a blink your death is here
With you in fear
Your blood sears
Nor can you hear
With wind in your ear
All you can do is lay
Until you are close to your faith
Which all you can feel is fear
And awaits your faith
The roller coaster of death
The end of all your pain
Thinking of skis that rain
The roller coaster of death
No need to sweat
A roller coaster that's bent

Josue Yupit is a student at Downer Elementary School in San Pablo, California.