Francesca SicilianoSeptember 3, 2019

I am as tenacious and hardworking as a river on its path
not moving for anything or anyone
a river with rushing water
babbling and burbling
that gives me a sense of strength and power
I hear perfection calling my name, pulling me in
it is an Impossible demand
there is that voice in my head saying
you could have done
you could be
you should be
I am like a book with many more chapters to go
but sometimes
I feel like a to-do list
just checking off boxes
like I’m hibernating
waiting for spring to come
a baby bird who wants to fly
but doesn’t want to take the leap out of the nest
not yet at least

Francesca Siciliano is 12 years old and lives in Seattle, Washington. She loves orcas and enjoys playing lots of sports!