Oh! The Reality

Aditya NaikFebruary 27, 2019

One day I came back from school, full of fatigue and exhaustion,
Here went my bag, there went my shoes, almost already in prostration.

Extremely hungry I was, and mom was ready with food,
At the dining table I spoke with dad, so as to lift my mood.

With so much served on the table, what to have and what not?!
I ate with relish all I could, without giving it another thought.

I decided to entertain myself by watching some television,
I saw a box wrapped, just like it had come from an excursion.

It was beautifully covered with my name on it, and I was stupefied,
My friend had sent it, I wished to open it although my brain denied,

Saying unwrapping a friend’s gift is a foolhardiness.
Still, I thought, it must be good just to make me feel better, I guess.

No, I refrained; my friend cannot be so nice,
It must be a prank, maybe for a surprise.

The husk must be removed, and it must be something cool I perceived,
And stunned I was with a punch in my face; oh! My heart deceived.

Never expect too much, it might lead to depression,
Stop over perceiving and accept the reality,
Enjoy life’s beautiful season…

Aditya Dinesh Naik is 16 years old and studies in the 11th grade. He loves reading books and playing badminton. He also enjoys playing an Indian percussion instrument called Tabla. Cycling with friends is one of his favorite activities.