Nothing Is Perfect

Jordan PommellsJanuary 3, 2020

If you are living in the world today, things will be good and bad
'Cause nothing is perfect
Life is nothing but a place of despair, people shooting, crazy teens fighting, and cars crashing
But everyone goes through bad and good stuff
Life is also a place of hope, crime-stopping, people partying, and teens break dancing
Don ́t assume that your life is perfect
'Cause it isn ́t
Just because you might have some luck in your life, that doesn't mean that it is going to be good
Everything has a downside to it
So don’t get your hopes up

The world is a confusing place
It could be
The world exploding
Then later, the world could come back together
Then you could fall in the rotten sewers
Then after that, you get out the sewers and get a billion dollars
Then after that, you get robbed for all of your money
Then you get a donation and get a ton of money
Then you get an invite to your favorite basketball team
And then you have to quit your career because of an injury

See, nothing is perfect
Life is like money, it could be used for bad and at the same time it could be used for good
Anything can happen
No one can predict what happens to you
The world is a place of mystery
If people aren’t grateful for the life that they have, things that are bad will happen
That is called bad karma
No one likes it
So if you don’t want bad karma
Be grateful for the life that you have

Jordan is 12 years old and is in seventh grade. His hometown is New York. Jordan enjoys playing basketball with his friends.