Brandon ReiterApril 11, 2012

What is normal?
Is normal fitting in?
Is normal being like everyone else?
Is normal a good thing?
No one person is the same
Yet most people are normal
That’s what makes normal, normal
Does normal really exist?
Is being different normal?
Who decided what normal is?
Someone that wasn’t normal?
If that’s true unordinary is normal
So if most people are normal
Is no one normal?
everyone tries to fit in
cut their hair
pierce their ears
pierce their eyebrows
do drugs
do more drugs
“try this it’ll make you feel great”
but what about the morning?
all this to just be normal?
everyone kills themselves to be this one thing
this one thing we call normal
if there is no normal can we all take a breath?
can we be who we want to be?
can we overthrow normal?