No One Knows

Pragya NatarajanJuly 26, 2017
Artwork by Nimra Shaida

No one knows
That I’m fine
As I get up and stand
Attention is my demand

No one cares (except my parents)
That the soul exists
Wants to win
And can’t be unhappy

There is some truth
That I stand up
As life keeps pummelling me down

The sun nods disappointedly and the clouds frown
I won’t give up trying even if I’m known to act like an angel
I can still laugh, frown, and get angry
A diamond in the rough that’s me
Yet I will succeed

As reality streams through, peeking
There is no one who knows
That sometimes the devil appears and sometimes it goes

Though I’m soft as cotton, cotton can end up cushioning a stone
Pink can be black, while clouds can be storms
Unicorns will charge, with spear-like horns
Bubblegum can choke, and flowers can sting

Roses have thorns just like I have a brain
I’m not any lily, I’m not an angel
I’m a person through and through, so I get up to start anew
Though no one will know

Pragya Natarajan is a tenth grader at Cupertino High School in California. Her hobbies are watching animated tv shows, running, reading, writing, and art. Her favorite color is red, and she loves interacting with people.