Never Seen the Rain

Nola DavisAugust 13, 2020

When I
first saw the rain falling from the attic window
I felt as
though I had never seen rain,
at all
I had never
seen it dance
I had never
seen it pick up the old cracking bricks
And laugh
with them until they were new
I had never
seen it take the smushed couch from under me
And turn it
into a soft cloud
Never seen
it take a flower and tuck it behind its ear
Never seen
it sing on the dusty sunroof
Never seen
it take the dropping potted plants
And revive
them with its mystery
Never seen
its magic so close to
my cracking
crumbling beautiful attic

Nola Davis is a 6th grade student who lives in Seattle. She likes playing the guitar and drawing.