Nature's Song

Yani LiSeptember 21, 2017

A thousand blades of grass sway under a single sun,
synchronized with the rhythm of the rolling wind.
Up above, blossoms of clouds float around —
a work of art plastered on one pale blue canvas.

Nearby, a willow tree weeps into a river,
feeding the landscape’s jewel-blue arteries.
Ribbons of water curve in synchrony,
caressing the branches skimming the surface of the stream.

A breeze curls between strands of the tree,
Combing through the orchestra of trembling leaves.
and rustling each to form a quiet symphony.
When the wind ceases — the ensemble bows in harmony.

A little girl runs through the meadow,
serenaded by a family of sparrows conversing on a tree.
Soaking in the energy of the birds, the trees, and the stream,
her bright laughter ripples across the scene,
accompanying nature in its final song of summer.

Yani Li is 17 years old and a senior at Cranbrook Kingswood in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She loves to paint, read, and write in her free time. When she’s not expressing herself creatively, you’ll find her volunteering or on the lake with her school’s rowing team