Nature Knows Best

Kayal JeyaseelanJanuary 30, 2023

In world filled with distress
There lay a shining isle,
Filled with love and happiness
It welcomed me with a smile!

Nights have passed, a dream has risen
And I find myself travelling toward it,
I close my eyes to see a world
Where peace is all that exists!

Sounds of the wind that blow above
Bring hope for a brand-new day,
The glistening sun pulled me close
Embracing me with its magnanimous rays!

Can there be anything more beautiful than a tree
Her shimmering leaves dancing in joy,
As she strengthens her roots, I strengthen my core
Clinging to her branches, my new favorite toy!

Oh, Nature, you teach me so many things
As I sight your mountains soaring so high
To never look back and never look down
Break all obstacles, you make me want to fly!

The sun was now right above me
As I heard the voice of a linnet sing,
Nature, you make me feel absolutely free
The feeling of being able to achieve anything!

How lovely to see clouds that cried!
Just above the lapping shore,
Leaping out a magnificent rainbow
I could see peace knocking on my door!

I sat down by a river and took a breath
And lost myself to nature’s glow,
I stared across to capture the sunset
Right now, all I wanted was for time to slow!

I bow down to you dear mother
For the blessing you gave us through this land,
Mother, keep me along with you
Let us work hand in hand.

Kayal Jeyaseelan is a 16-year-old living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.