Mythical Magic

Jaileah MiltonMay 4, 2016
Amy Liu

It’s not something you can see or hear;
But it gives you some sort of drive.
It’s like your five senses disappear;
The more you want it, the more you strive.

We held on to it for as long as we could;
But we had some growing up to do.
Was it all imagination? We never understood.
As we got older this “thing” was through.

Whatever it was, it touched us all;
It came in different forms in many ways.
When reality struck in, it caused us to fall.
Leading us into a painful phase.

Something we can’t get to in another world —
Is it in reality? Or is it something so tragic?
No, a dreamworld,
With some “mythical magic."

Jaileah Milton is a ninth grader at Worcester Technical High School in Massachusetts.