My Teachers

Niti MajethiaMay 23, 2012

As you grow older you realize you learn a lot

Some things from books, others things from a shot.

Shot of pain, shot of regret, shot of loneliness

Shot of humor, shot of excitement and happiness.

The word shot means surprise, when pain pinches you

While standing in the rainbow.

That aching feeling inside you that wants your hope to be alive,

When the day isn’t sunny and life is nothing but strife

Education has no substitute, but my biggest teacher has been experience

Mustering all my courage, I stand strong today when happiness shows absence

Every dead possibility holds a solid moral,

Every blind path holds a destination.

Books will never betray you, but experience walks all along too

Experience teaches you valuable lessons the hard way

Niti Majethia is an eighth grader from Mumbai, India.