My Real Affluence

Karnav RastogiMay 28, 2020

On my feet in the grains of sand
Often, I go to mother’s land
Where I dream with my open eyes
Nature inspires me in every size
Be it tree, wind, or any creature
There is a huge influence of nature
Be it a tree with its roots so deep
Stands tall for a sky-high leap
Be it a bird that flies so high
Inspires me to try and try
Be it a sea, so deep and wide
Stand still to calm and guide
Be it a breeze so gentle and cool
Energizes me as my fuel
Be it fire fierce yet holy
Control anger and act slowly
Be it sand so soft and fine
Hard work is the key to shine
All these elements give me strength
They are around at my arm’s length
Nature is my biggest influence
Its elements are my real affluence

Karnav Rastogi is the youngest author and fiction writer of India. He published his first book, “Kartik & Mixie: A journey about Creation” at the age of eight and his second book, “Kartik & Mixie: A Journey about Jungle Adventure,” at the age of ten. He creates poems for every story he writes. His inspiration is nature and mother earth. He conducts a literature workshop series titled “Author in You: Magic with Words” for children of various age groups. So far he has conducted more than ten literature workshops in India. He also received the “Pride of Indian Education Award” in 2019. Besides writing, he plays chess and basketball. You can reach him at