Mountains: The Start and End of Nature

Mannat ThukralNovember 1, 2022

I have never been to the mountains
But I still feel the flowing fountains
I feel mountains are always in a nap
For they have the sun in their lap.
Mountains are known for their beauty and scenic view
I wonder why people don’t talk about their crew
Mountains teach us how to stand till the end
For they don’t move even when the borders transcend.
Why does a mountain climb give you utmost pleasure?
Is it because of leisure or your smile at your displeasure?
I wish my voice got echoed everywhere like the hills
So that every moment I could be reminded of my stills.
Mountains can be found completing every picture
Because they are a witness to the formation of every sculpture
I wonder if mountains get bored of having clouds all over their head
For the clouds keeps reminding them that they are way ahead.

A mountain is home to natural calamity
Still, people go there to taste their sanity
I wonder what magic lies in the windblown
Which has made people forget even the known.

Mannat Thukral is a budding poetess. She is 15 years old, studies in the 11th grade, and lives with her parents in India. Being a good observer, clever wordplay and use of simple language are some of the qualities that she reflects on through her poems. Apart from being a poet, she is great at academics. She tries to connect with as many people as she can through her poems.