Mother Nature

Maximiliano ZapataMarch 1, 2023
Artwork by Artur Zhuk, age 13

All the time I desire.
It feels like I'm on fire.
I desire to be one with the earth.
Spring and winter at the same time.
I wish to be the same as everyone but be different at the same time.
The earth is so beautiful.
She is the reason we live.
Mother nature brings us life and death and we should be thankful.
Mother nature is beautiful just like love.
Loving friends, loving family, loving life.
Knowing everything we do and love is because of mother nature.
Beautiful mother nature.
If I feel sad or bad, I just go to mother nature, tell her all my feelings, maybe even cry a little.
Mother nature makes me feels safe.
All my emotions are like a carnival.
She will make you feel like you’re in spring or summer.
All my emotions are like a big bummer.
Mother nature will try to help you when you need it,
but mother nature won't always be with you.
You need to have courage and strength to talk to someone.
An adult, a friend, or a family member.
You can also be that friend that someone can talk to,
because everyone needs a friend.

Maximiliano Zapata is an elementary school student from San Pablo, California.