Tejasmira MuralidharanFebruary 8, 2023

Merit, accolades. If not gained then scolded.
What is the reason?
Their dreams crushed and thrown down dead.
A poison so perfect,
But painful and earnest,
It makes its way down their throats.

Burying all of them
Dreams, not the people.
A sight to behold
But not for the weepers.
Music and art
Falling apart
In the world of merit.

Deeper and deeper
They dig through their wounds,
Not looking back at their dreams, now ruins.
A few have resided
The support provided
But what to make of the rest?

Majority is not in authority
Lo and behold! A truth untold

Merit will and always has
Ruined the lives
Of kids and men
Like in a bee-hive.

Perfection is worth it
That I agree.
Though people who don’t want it
Can’t they be set free?
Perfection is not related to merit,
But how you do in life and win it.

Tejasmira Muralidharan is a 14-year-old writer, lyricist, and poet from Chennai in south India. She is an aspiring artist and keyboard player with an undying love for dance. She is also an avid teen fiction and crime reader.