Neharika SolankeMay 18, 2023

I still remember all those moments,
We laughed together, we cried together, we passed the hardest moments together but I’ll always remember the best ones.
The times we were going through many ups nd downs, we used to comfort each other.
Sometimes memories sneak out of my head nd roll of my cheeks,
Crying over the memories you gave me,
Laughing over the jokes you cracked,
Getting nostalgic over the time we spent.
Your memory seems like a home to me so whenever I wander my mind finds you.
People say some people are good artist but after seeing you I say, “Some people are themselves an art.”
Your memories are something unforgettable,
Something permanently kept in the drawer of my heart nd mind.
Something I’ll always wander for,
Something precious for me.
I imagine you by imagining myself cause a small part of you will always be with me.
A little lost in you,
A little fond of you.
They say memories always comes back but I think they’ll never leave me.
Aim is to die with memories not dreams.
At last we’re strangers with infinite memories.

Neharika Solanke is a 14-year-old writer from India.