Meaning is Unique

Shaianne ChaoFebruary 29, 2024

In the vast expanse of life,
we seek a purpose, a meaning,
a truth to keep. Through winding paths and trials faced,
we yearn for wisdom, in every space.

We find meaning in the simplest of joys,
a simple breeze, a child's laughter, what great noise.
In the moments shared with loved ones dear,
in their smiles and presence, so clear.

We find meaning and pursuits of dreams
chasing passions, bursting at the seams.
with every step, we learn and grow,
discovering parts of ourselves we didn't know.

Sometimes, meaning hides in the darkest night,
when we come for our fears, and take flight.
In moments of struggle and adversity,
we find strength, resilience and clarity.

In acts of kindness, compassion blooms,
meaning sprouts, like flowers in full bloom,
a helping hand, a Heartfelt embrace,
can bring light to someone's darkest place.

But remember, meaning is unique,
for it resides within, no need to seek.
It’s in choices we make, the love we share,
in living authentically, showing we care.

Shaianne Chao is an 11-year-old poet from California.