Losing My Dog Bella

Jacob BellorinFebruary 29, 2024

My dog Bella and I played fetch on the hill,
We were having such a good time,
Until a jealous cat showed up to tease Bella,
Bella chased the cat down the hill,
All over the neighborhood.
Although I called Bella, she did not come back
I gazed and gazed I could not find her,
My mom and I looked for her,
By asking people and posting posters
Nobody had seen my beloved Bella.

I cried and cried every day
I lost my appetite
Cheese Burgers did not taste good anymore,
All I could think of is Bella,
Memories of playing with Bella,
Everyday my mom and I usually walk
Her in the streets,
I gazed through the window as I
Thought of Bella and missed her forever
And ever, all I could do is hope
She finds a happy home.

Jacob Bellorin is a 12-year-old writer from San Pablo California.