Listening to Soy Waters Song & Define Nostalgic

Muhammad Amir Hadi bin MahrizalOctober 24, 2023


Memory is soy water in a tin
Which is bought at backyard shop

That was put in the refrigerator
Before taken out when thirsty

I let the heat be absorbed
For a few seconds.


Rasa loves still young
4 years ago & we are still learning another -

Name that suitable for challenge &
Funny laugh & mathematics homework

That down-up-up-down it’s golden breath
But only nothingness that we have found

Feelings as small as sugar getting sweeter
Uh, I know…I should give a lot of thanks to you

Because you are my first teacher
Who tells me “Falling in love is another way to end a friendship”

Nostalgia is our real enemy
& reality is a dumb bitter gourd.

M. Emir, or his real name, Muhammad Amir Hadi bin Mahrizal was born in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia in 2007. He is a young poet in Malaysia who is 16 years old and he likes to play with language. He has a unique hobby that is playing chess while eating chipsmore.