Life Is Life

Polina UsenkoMay 19, 2021

When I spend fun time with friends I feel alive.
We tell silly stories, eat pizzas, and dive;
Watch TV shows, discuss them, walk in the street,
Go shopping, film videos, follow the beat.

I’m grateful to my parents, who gave me life.
My Mum’s my best friend and a perfect wife
For my Dad . . .
They are cheerful, intelligent and a great example for me,
Though we are a little family of three . . .

When I’m alone I may feel sad and weak —
I have a strong desire for someone to whom to speak.
But then my cute doggy comes up and makes me laugh —
My sadness goes away and my weakness cuts in half.

I’m so happy and grateful to have such a life.
I want to say thank you to everyone who perfects my drive,
Who supports, gives advice, or a helping hand,
Forgives, loves, rejoices, and tries to understand!

Polina Usenko is in eighth grade and lives in Kiev, Ukraine with her parents, two canaries, and her dog, Richy. When she has free time, she likes reading books, dancing, playing with her dog, taking photos, and writing poems. Her friends are very positive people and she enjoys spending time with them.