Life Is a Run

Simi KishnaniDecember 5, 2011

Life is a run, through the mountains that curve and elevate

Pace and stamina are key, though you can go however you satisfy

On every turn, something new appears that you have to face

Whether it’s a small weed or a large bush,

You can’t go around it

You must face it, and suffer the consequences

Go through it, and get scratches across your knees

Every mistake makes you stronger

It’s what we live for, we do have to slow down at times

You just have to keep running till it’s time to walk

Keep pushing forward, until its time to pull back

Although know that you will always start up again

Along the way, we do indeed have to face obstacles that might make us fall

Nevertheless, keep in mind that once you fall

You will always get back up, and continue running

Eventually you will have to take a different path

You can make it your own, and follow what you truly believe

Don’t go a way someone else wants you to

It is without a doubt your life, and you can go whichever way you please

So take the initiative, and run, walk, jog, sprint, or skip the way you feel you should

And face the challenges, because life is a run, and it’s our job to run it well

I am a 14-year-old girl from San Ramon, California. I love soccer, spending time with family and friends, writing, and I am a huge cinematic fan. Someday, I hope to touch millions of people with my writing, and pursue it as my profession.