Lethal Conundrum

Avishi GurnaniJanuary 9, 2024

Clad in a suit of
An arm, a leg
Stiff, of no use
Or was it because
They were
made of plastic

Emerge onto the battlefield
A hundred together
Poised to shoot
Every shot emanating power
A lethal conundrum
Or were these bullets
made of plastic

The excitement
Infectious — exhausting — resentment
Adrenaline coursing
Unrestricted on the battlefield
Or was it confined
To a playbox
made of plastic

As the bullets sped
Through the air
As they pierced through him
He fell — perished?
Was it the dead end
Or was this

Just a game?

The blood is warm
The tears are salty
The pain hurts
The cries are loud
Wonder if it’s a ruse to rack
Hope it isn’t the disparate reality
Hope we know that it’s time to stop

Avishi Gurnani is a 13-year-old student at New Town Primary School in Singapore. She has published three books of her own, and is always poking around for new platforms to express her passion for writing.