Let Me Fly

Ojaswi ThakurJuly 19, 2022

A little bird wants to fly
reach the top and touch the sky
her feathers are weak
and age too small
but so determined
she can make even the tiger crawl

She's kept in a cage made of gold
with all the things she'll need to grow
no one knows what she feels
when she sees
the other birds flee
she tries to break
the walls of the cage
but realizes her own feathers break
but she knows her constant tries
will even make the cages cry
and she tries to break the cage
and tries to fly up in rage
down she falls and falls again
but she never looks down again

Reaching the top is her goal
no matter how much time rolls
and finally she flies to the top
and up to the sky non-stop.

Ojaswi Thakur is 16 years old and is currently studying in the 11th grade. She lives in Jabalpur, a small city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. She likes to write poems, essays, articles, and stories as well.