India's Vision for a Harmonious World

Arshiya GuptaJanuary 10, 2024

G20-Let us make the world a harmonious place to live together
For the betterment of the world let us all gather

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam the slogan is bright
Helping India to shed some light

Reducing poverty is the mission
& saving every country from recession

G20 the 20 most powerful countries of all time
To save the world they together have to rhyme

Diversity is the power and unity the key
One Earth-One Family-One future is what everyone should see

This G20 formed in 1999
Made for the world to shine

Everyone is a human whether they be of Hinduism, Christianity, Sikh or Islam
Let us not discriminate and let someone’s feeling harm

A person should be grateful, kind, helpful and have some humanity
Color, caste, body, religion are not the real quality

Stop the war let us all live in peace
Because of one person why should everyone pay the fees

Arshiya Gupta is a 13-year-old poet from India.