In Pursuit of Legacy

Yushi LiangJanuary 26, 2011

The memories echoed amidst be-dreaded winds,
A bitterness sorely felt.
The sceptre of war, the tragedy of sin,
A darkness that must be dealt.
For the wither'd embers of waning dusk,
hath cast its bloody glow.
Upon man's yonder shore,
as sure as fates' doom'd to know.

"Tis graveyard lingers sullen ghosts
of humanity's deserted hopes.
Buried shadows, wrought regret,
seeps the blood of battle moor,
existence borne forevermore.

The endless sea of clashing waves,
treacherous tide of change that's fought.
The torment of delusional craves,
A lust unceasingly sought.

The glimmer of sunlight when all is rain,
The promise of spectrum through man's pain.
Which there resides a flickering flame,
to light an eternal winter.
That the bitter climb of mountain base,
might reveal humanity's wonder.

The glisten of aurora's light,
to penetrate the darkest night.
That through the wearisome sorrow,
Might there be the morrow.
When thy faith and courage hath gone.
Awaits first ray of dawn.
Only then can life be fair,
The balance of triumph and despair.
Paid at price of hatred and love, entwined.
Paints the struggle for existence,
Thus, is the fight for meaning,
The pursuit of life's legacy.

Yushi is a 13-year-old, typical teen. Only in her presence will you capture the powerful intelligence of character, the storms of formidable and passionate ambition… what is daringly beautiful and brilliantly adventurous.