I Am Human

Oryna BielikovaJuly 5, 2022

Who am I?" I ask myself every day.
Sometimes my life turns grey.
My parents and friends always warn me:
Life can sting you like a bee.
You always have to face a choice
And you can’t always just pick joys.

You get tested with the questions
“How to make a first impression?”
“How to live through school detention?”
“How to deal with the depression?”

But the answer is you are a human
Not everyone can be Superman.
Yes, all of us can make a mistake
But, dear, I beg you, be awake!
That’s the true meaning of life —

You should always feel “alive.”

Do whatever you want and wish
And then when someone asks about who are you
You will proudly say, “I’m a human, what about you?”

Oryna Bielikova is a ninth grader at Kyiv Language School. She lives in a flat with her mum and her favorite dog, Monika. When she has free time, she draws, does sports, reads books, and walks with her friends. She also likes dancing. cooking, taking photos, and singing.