I Am Here, but I Am Not

Nicole ZengMay 10, 2022

Past flaws and future,
can’t focus or forget.
All I can think of,
are worries and regrets.

Time is a villain,
memory, a bigger threat.
Hung up on my thoughts,
without cherishing the moment.

But on earth, I am chance,
and in space, I’m coincidence.
Insignificant and small,
who knows what my purpose is?

I’m running out of time,
I wish I could stop it,
Yet the watch in my hand,
just hit 11:11.

Obsessing over the past,
and future more than you’d admit,
would insult your existence,
as time watched you waste it.

He is not your enemy,
nor your friend one bit,
but he is a good instrument,
so that happiness is what you get.

As life moves on,
and you do too,
do not get stuck again,
by overthinking things through.

So that when time and fate,
decide to give you a gift,
you don’t miss the chance,
not even for a bit.

Nicole Zeng is a 10th grader from Houston, Texas. Nicole enjoys music, dance, reading, learning about foreign cultures and languages, fashion, skateboarding, creative writing, and poetry.