How Long: a Reflection on Quarantine

Judith AduMay 14, 2020

Home is where the…
Home is where…
Home is the place where there is no escape
Home is where you find shelter
But it can also be the place of harm

Where is the best place to go
The windows stay locked
My eyes stay untouched
It’s like being stuck in a tree
No one knows you’re there until they look up

But how long do I have to stay
When will I be out
When will this all be over
When will everything go back to normal
There is no normal

Nothing is normal
Normal is imaginary
It’s a trick
Your subconscious

This is the new normal
This is who we are

They did this they messed with us
This is us
Stuck and abandoned
Waiting in the wing

Judith is a 14 year old student in 9th grade at Worcester Technical High School. Her hobbies include writing, photography, and running. She became interested in writing at a young age, starting with songs and now poems.