Hero to Myself

Emma PattonJuly 1, 2010

I’m standing at the bottom of a well

Rock bottom is where I fell

I thought these walls I’d never climb

I was too afraid

I thought I was all going to slip away

I was talking myself into giving up

But after that bad day, I said I had enough

Finally my heart had something to prove

Finally I felt as if there was something that I

could do

I have a free soul

I know, that anytime soon, I’m not falling in that


I was just a flower waiting to bloom

I’m now closing that tomb

There’s a lot of fight still left in me

I want to become what I’m suppose to be

I’m going to make a difference too

That’s the difference between me and you

I’m going be a hero in my town

I’m never going to let anyone down

I’m going to take chances too

This I’m going to prove

Sometimes I know you feel the same

Even the fiercest beast you can tame

Don’t be afraid

You’ll thank me someday

Hold on

You’ll be better in time

You find yourself in you

Don’t put my advice on the shelf

This is coming from a hero to myself

Emma Patton resides in Wisconsin. She lives with her mother, brother and sister. She has two dogs. She loves to play volleyball, basketball, swimming, and track. She is interested in writing, reading, playing sports for her high school, volunteer work, working in the school store, taking AP psychology, soaking up some sun, and making a lot of memories with all of her friends. She plans to become an archaeologist and may be even a writer on the side. She wants to travel the world. Today she attends high school, is soon going to be a junior, and working to earn her honor diploma.