Tatum ZolaFebruary 23, 2023

When I talk down to myself
Feel bad about myself
Feel ashamed about my body
My smile
My personality
When I hate myself
I am hating her
The girl who wore the same thing every day
Because she couldn’t care less
The girl who struggled to spell "Wednesday"
Who couldn’t tie her shoes
The girl who would trip over words
And remain grounded nonetheless
The girl who took pride in her creations
Who told people she loved them
The girl who sang
The girl who was free
I am hating the child inside of me
The girl I wish to be everyday
I have so much to learn from her
I cannot stomp on her legacy
Not like this

Tatum Zola is a 10th grader born in Eugene, Oregon. She first found her love for writing at the age of 10, and has since been able to explore avenues of creative literature, including narrative and poetry work. In her free time, Tatum enjoys sketching, walking her dog, and listening to music.