Daniela M. Paz MuratallaApril 5, 2023

I was born with a
fragile heart
It’s see-through
almost glass
Which is why you can see
Every emotion on my face
No matter what angle you look at me

It’s shaped like a football
Because it gets thrown
Around more than it can handle
And every time it’s not
Caught it hits the floor
But it doesn’t break

It slightly cracks
The first time it happened it was such a minor detail
I didn’t even notice
But each time it falls the cracks grow larger
I quickly learned that there’s no phone screen
Repair for your heart
So when the cracks got large enough I had to
Create a fortress around it
A glass castle with one thing inside
A healing heart

Daniela M. Paz Muratalla is an 11-year-old from San Pablo, California. Daniela would like to add that a heart isn't a toy, so you shouldn't play with one.