Hardworking Women in America

Morgon Washington PattersonJanuary 17, 2020

She wants a full cup of smooth, clean water.
She isn’t headed to a sip of water from human needs.

She dreams of the
Weight of the feeble work being knocked off her back.
Every day she carries large buckets of dirty water, hands trembling, Shoulders slouching, legs burning.
As it is the only thing she and her family could drink to survive.

She wishes one day,
That the Sun
Will not beat down on her skin, as she feels like burning paper,
Getting lesser and weaker as the fire keeps spreading.
But symbolize as a beacon of hope towards the next puzzle pieces
Of her life.
As she is just the tiniest
Speck of dust to this ball of white, green, and blue.

But, she will try . . .
She will take strides toward
She has gone to far in life to collapse like a Jenga
And will Not stop going forward
Until answers to her questions start seeping into her body like
A magnet.

Morgon Washington Patterson is 12 years old and in the seventh grade at Harlem Academy. His hometown is Harlem in New York City. He loves to swim competitively on a team, run, and write poetry.