Fly Birdy

Josue YupitJuly 27, 2023

Fly little birdy
Don't be shy
Don't hide
You can fall but never give up
Fly as if you were on a slipping slide
Just fly
your unique
Your wings are shaped like the number nine
It is fine
Never be scared this will soon be over
But in the meantime try to fly up high
You will be free
Like other birdies
Living a nice and clean
All you could need is a little push from your master peace
Mother nature will try to contain you
But not for long
Sometimes you just need to push yourself
Fly birdy fly high where you can't be seen
Life is denial but don't let that stop you
Just try
Believe in what you are to become
It's like life is in darkness
You will soon see light
Just fly
Even if you can't fly
Just try
Your success depends on you
It's time to fly out of your nest
Momma is not gonna take care of you
It’s time to let go
Just go with your life flow
You will soon see what you really are
But for now
Just try.

Josue Yupit is a student at Downer Elementary School in San Pablo, California.