Ever Deeper: A Poem for My Grandfather

Will HodgkinsonDecember 7, 2015

A shimmering pool of knowledge;
Scintillating wisdom —
foraged from 85 fecund years

From pasting together the fragile balsa strips
of model plane

From meandering down the
sinuous lanes of Europe

From the august ivy-mantled buildings
of Georgetown

From distant tarmac
of remote British outposts

To years of tenacious political

Fighting with the obstinance
of conviction

And finally
to the weaving
of a family

The laborious construction
of an iron foundation
of bracing domesticity

This pool, this lambent reservoir
winks and twinkles

And as the gyre of time turns,
it grows ever deeper.

Will Hodgkinson is 17 and in the 11th grade at Waldorf High School in Massachusetts. His poetry has been published in Off the Coast, Maine’s international poetry journal, Highlights magazine, and the Arlington Advocate. His interview with Noam Chomsky was published recently in the University of Massachusetts Breakwater Review. His interests include politics and writing.