Dreams and Nightmares

Adalberto CuarentaFebruary 6, 2023


On dreams there are many themes
And it's all an imagination land
Where everything is in your control, in the palm of your hand
Infinite happiness, infinitite joy, oh boy!
And you will definitely enjoy!

You can be in a carnival
Where monkeys are cardinals
Or you can be in Alaska
You can also be in Nebraska
It all depends on what you want
The world can be upside down
And have the face of a clown
Or suddenly you can be in space
Where there is an alien race
Or you can be a marine
In a movie scene

As long as you have a goal
It will all be in your control
And it is all at your reach
Because goals are like trophies,
dreams become reality
You just need to believe


Tied to chains in your nightmares
A place where you can't leave nor rest
And it's all a darkness-fest
A dark fest of lies and terrores
And you are forced to watch in despair

Suddenly you are in a carnival
Where death is the cardinal
Riding a rollercoaster leading to a deadly faith
And everyone is afraid
Death sits next to you with a grinning smile
Known to be the end of all
And there is no escape
There is no hiding, nor helpers
And everyone is in forced laughter
You can't stop laughing and you can't scream for help nor get out
And then everything goes black
But then you're awake
And it was all just a bad dream.

Adalberto Cuarenta is an elementary school student from San Pablo, California.