Dreams and Desires

Gayatri Kushal PrabooFebruary 26, 2023

Dreams and desires can be very much more than they seem
They peep through your mind and look so prim and gleam

Dreams and desires, why, they ponder around your mind.
They may tell you when not to act cruel and when to act fine.

Dreams and desires, aren’t they so beautiful?
Some may think they’re exceptional
While some may think they’re spirited and remarkable

You desire your well-being.
You desire your incredulity and positivity.

You dream of who you might want to be, i.e.
An artist, a photographer, a naturalist, a soccer player.

Your mind craves so much and more,
But it’s dreams and desires that create your world.

Gayatri Kushal Praboo is a 10-year-old from Thane, India.