Don't Look Back, Look Forward

Samuel PulgarinApril 30, 2024

Most kids, or teenagers, only look back in our past, but some are inspired by their future plans for either middle school or high school. But others mostly only look back. Do kids even look to their future? Do kids give up just because they think it's hard? All they do is look
back but never forward. That's all they need to
do and everything will be easier. Looking
back just makes you slower, but if
you look forward in your future
to college, high school, middle
school, anything that you
want to achieve will be
possible. But if you
keep looking
back, it
just be
worse than
before. The toughest
lessons you'll learn
from mistakes. But when
you have another tough time by
then you'll know how to resolve it.
Not all of us look forward and
are more confident, but we get inspired by
someone that we want to become. We can do
it as long as we look forward in our future and
not our past when we failed, but we can look back
whenever we succeeded in something that made our parents or someone proud who believed in us when someone else thought we would fail. I think that looking forward is the best thing to do when we want to give up. The only thing that we want to do is make our parents proud and become someone. That person is going to be you, when you become an adult.

Samuel Pulgarin is a 12-year-old writer from San Pablo, California.