Dear Kid with Divorced Parents

Lilli PriceJuly 22, 2019
Artwork by Caroline Carter, age 12

Dear kid with divorced parents
You know the duffel bag
The suitcase filled with clothes and books
The words “I left it at my mom’s house”
All that is life
Not the life you chose,the life you ended up with
The passive aggressive phone calls
The whispers passed through your ear
“I can’t believe she didn’t tell me you had a volleyball game!”
You are just their messenger
The message getting lost in the static
of your chaotic life
The times you are torn in two
Deciding which life to live
The times your future is decided
By the dreaded schedule
The solemn car trips going to pick up the one thing you forgot
When your separate lives collide
Causing a tidal wave of disruption
Dear kid with divorced parents
I know what you are going through
I know because that kid is me

Lilli Price is a sixth grader at Seattle Girls’ School in Seattle, Washington. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, baking, biking, and reading, and she loves to cuddle with her cats and rabbits!